FLoKaSon Pitch13 - Disc Cutting Lathe Controller

FLoKaSon's Pitch13 Cutting computer brings your cutting lathe to best performance.
the quasi industry standard in most cutting rooms from Kingston Jamaica to Berlin.
today the pitch98 is now followed after 15 years by a 100% comptatible version, the pitch13.
the original developer team stands behind that product and so updates and service is
guaranteed, also for the older pitch98 version.

pitch13 controlls the preview signal in real time and packs your groove to best efficiency.
similar to neumanns vms80/82 approach you set the land and depth parameters and cut
your disk at highest precision.
its a standalone box 160mmx100mm

Pitch13 Panel on VMS70

Pitch13 Panel on VMS70

or you can integrate the card somewhere in your machine.
you can run your pitch13 by a simple analog interface

Analog Pitch13 Panel

or integrate the original panel of your cutting lathe.

Custom Pitch13 Panel on VMS70

Custom Pitch13 Panel on VMS70

or even do your own custom panel.

Custom Pitch13 Panel on AM32b

Custom Pitch13 Panel on AM44

Custom VMS70 Panel on AM32b

Custom Pitch13 Panel on scully

the i2c bus connects to a remain time and option interface.

the i2c remain time module

the only thing you need from your lathe is:
- the mechanics
- a microswitch bank for leadin, lead out
- a 24V power supply

all the rest comes in the pitch13 box.
we provide you also the motor
and prepare cables on request
a typical pitch13 self installation kit looks like this:

Pitch13 kit.maxon motor and cables

the pitch13 can be installed and adjusted by any skillfull person, but we also
help you with the integration of your system.
normally it can be setup and adjusted within 1-2days.

pitch13 systems are already used at:

dk-mastering paris
dubplates&mastering, berlin
flokason mastering, switzerland
manmade mastering, berlin
schnittstelle, berlin
Virtalähde Analog Audio, Finland
Record Industries , Holland
and many more around the world

send us a mail from your lathe and we get back with a quote.

prices are just for information and might change.so please ask for actual quote:
Pitch13 box standalone unit with opticalsensor: CHF3000.-
Maxon Motor with Gearbox and DC Tacho (386255): better order directly at maxon.much cheaper CHF 800.-
Set of Pulleys&Belt. T2.5 synchroflex 32&48 tooth (Neumann or Scully): CHF 200.-
Anaolg Userpanel simple PCB Style.fully working.no meters: CHF 300.-
Anaolg Userpanel PCB Style.pcb only : CHF 50.-
Anaolg Userpanel Plug&Play: CHF 800.-
I2C Interface for RestTime Indication and Parameterchange standard version: CHF 450.-
I2C Interface for RestTime Indication and Parameterchange full version : CHF 550.-
Cableset for VMS70 with Pitchdriverunit: CHF 450.-
new IR sensor : CHF 100.-
panels & cabling can made by yourself.

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