FloKason is the new company by flo kaufmann.
former founder of vinylium gmbh.
he left vinylium at its peak to follow more artistic projects in 2006.
beside his artistic work he was engaged many years in piezo motor design,
micro actuators and in the field of analog media restauration. with the unclear situation of vinylium during the last 2 years, he decided to
bring back the knowledge and experince of his activities as well as all the
StuKa Engineering products.

With the background of an electronic engineer and the 20 years experience
in the field of disc cutting FLoKaSon is your first choice.

with many designs and his extensive knowledge collection he is responsible
for many milestones in post Neumann cutting technology like:

pitch98 disc cutting controller
sc99 cutterhead
VC004- RDL controller
kingston dubplate cutter
minicut "highest end" cutting preamplifier
ultracut cutting electronics
pitch13 disc cutting controller
caruso cutter head

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