FLoKaSon has a small but top end analog outboard line for all your cutting needs.

VMC14. 4 channel full analog highend mastering controller. RDL- EE -LOWCUT - HIGHCUT - REMOTE

VMC14 disc cutting controllers

VMC14 disc cutting controllers

with PITCH13 remote. cutter off controll and AUX channel

mostly custom built but we also have a palette of standard modules

custom disc cutting controllers

4 channel relative disk controller.
4 channel elliptical equalizer
monitoring control


after 40 years its time to lift your old lady.
of course you can spend time changing parts and fiddle around with old pcbs.
we go to brand new cards. just put in new ones.
by end of 2014 we will have all major cards brand new on stock.
we call it SAL74C. because some improvement was done.
for example SAL74 BUS has now 135um copper layout and gold or silver connectors.
Feedback stage is state of the art.
power supply card is state of the art
at the moment we have -SAL74C Bus.100% compatible bus card

improoved sal74 bus card

with improved 135um copper traces for better current transients

-SAB74Encoder. 100% compatible.hand selected and matched RIAA parts.even same part designators.

1:1 replacement for SAB74 Encoder

on request with ultracut modifications. or stock parts.

-SAB74Feedback Card

-SAB74C combined Feedback and Encoder on one card.

compact and combined encoder&feedback card

without the Equalizer. the schematics of vinylium ultracut system.small and compact.
hand selected and matched RIAA parts.
the card goes to the feedback place. there is a connector that goes to the encoder place. comes with front.

-SAB74C Feedback Amp replacement. often transistors and chips are out of specs.

FB-Input Amplifier Cards.
this one works with SSM2019 as input stage for best performance.
a direct replacement also for older SAL74 with the trafos.
price: SFR 600.- a pair.

-NG7408. improved with best linear regulators and better radiators.

-SEL74Relaisboad. replace your worn out relais..mercury free relais..

relais board replacment

and special highest end cutting amplifiers can bring you way behind standard neumann over engineered sound.

also we have used and refurbished equipment, cutting lathes , cutterheads and amplifiers.

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